Sunday, October 7, 2007

Some doors scare me

Have you ever encountered this door: Well if you have, you can understand my frustration. The middle door takes some courage to try to open thanks to a very important design flaw: the bar which extends across the width of the door. While cultural norms do allow us to assume that this bar means push, there are no visual clues telling us which side to push. How does the door open out? - A question, if answered incorrectly, which can result in a full on collision with the door. My biggest problem with the door is that the problem is so easily solvable. Simply place a flat bar on the side of the door that is supposed to be pushed in order to signal the user. I have to think that the designer was trying to create a sleek looking door, and in doing so ignored its true purpose. Unfortunately he/she obviously leaned too far toward aesthetics, and not enough toward functionality. But with one or two minor alterations, a balance could easily be struck.

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