Monday, October 1, 2007

Favorite passage

"Just where do we put the blame for failure? The answer is not clear. The psychology of blame (or, to be more accurate, of attribution) is complex and not fully understood. In part, there seems to have to be some perceived causal relationship between the thing being blamed and the result. The word percieved is critical: the causal relationship does not have to exist; the person simply has to think it is there. Sometimes we attribute the cause to things that had nothing to do with the action. And sometimes we ignore the real culprit." (p. 40)

-I find that the message in this passage rings quite true for most people. We often create flawed mental models in our head of what we percieve to be correct explanations because the designer has failed to convey the correct mental model.

LeBlanc, Chris. "Favorite passage." Online posting.
27 Sept. 2007. <>

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