Friday, October 26, 2007

Kelsey's blogpost

1. Kelsey's blog post attracted me to the article because of her engaging commentary. Her final line, "Not all design needs to be planned precisely," really made me curious about the article.
2. I found the article to be a nice change of pace. Most of what we've been discussing in class has been what makes products good. But we haven't really talked about what this article mentions, which is how products often arise. Breakthroughs in design, the article says, are often due to 'cross pollination,' or the integration of many ideas. So as Kelsey mentions, good design isn't always due to precise planning, but most-often results from the melding of existing ideas.
3. I would say that the article Kelsey chose kind of strays from what we've been talking about in class. But it offers a new angle on how good design is achieved.

Kelsey's blog:

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