Monday, October 29, 2007

Keep it simple stupid

Simplicity is the essence of good design. Often when I'm shopping for something, I'm most impressed by the product which displays a ridiculous amount of features in a chaotic layout. Call me crazy, but the more buttons (unecessary or not) I see, the more useful I initially imagine the product will be. I recognize how irrational this reaction to flashy products is, yet my mind is somehow tainted; I need a constant reminder of how well-designed products actually look: simple and approachable. My initial reaction to products couldn't be worse, but as long as I keep in mind what is most important - simplicity and usability- I'm able to find good design amidst the glitz and glamour.


.Alex said...

I think everyone likes products with a lot of buttons because they associate buttons with more features. Though this may be true, how many of these features are you going to actually use and how easy are they to use. The end of your essay had this exact idea in mind.

TP said...

I would definitely agree about simplicity. The fewer the buttons and features on a product, the less likely the user is going to mess up using the product. The basic idea is that good design comes over looks, which has been our main point throughout this class, and it's a point i agree with.