Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Product Packaging

1. Packaging is an extremely important part of product marketing. Very often the reason we buy the products that we do is that we are captivated by appealing packaging. As the article mentioned, browsing around a grocery store, the only way a new shopper can decide which products are best is by judging the packaging. This is especially true in the case of products like water, a product which doesn't change one bit from brand to brand. So why do we still buy the brand name water? It's because we're drawn in by packaging... Personally, I buy brand name cheeses because I love cheese and want to get the best cheese possible. Yet I've tried the generic brands' cheeses, and they taste exactly the same as the more expensive brand names; still, somehow it's second nature for me to go for Sargento..

2. Iconic packaging: Apple products, red bull, Hershey's, Kleenex - All of these brands have recognizable, iconic packaging that signifies quality and reliability for the consumer.

3. I have a major usability issue with the packaging of electronics. Typically they'll be a combination of plastic and cardboard surrounding the product. The problem is that every time I try to rip the cardboard off the plastic there remains a thin layer of cardboard. At this point (pretty much every time I try to open this type of packaging), I simply stab something through the cardboard and risk damaging the product.


Chuck Stull said...

It's amazing how much more tap water costs once it's put in a bottle. The packaging real changes the value.

Gexton said...

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Louie Donovan said...

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