Monday, November 26, 2007

Playing Paco Underhill

1. I went into Munchie Mart. This store is targeted toward college students and general young consumers.

2. a. The store appears bright and inviting. As with most liquor stores, they advertise alcohol with bright, exciting signs.
b. They have upbeat pop or rock music. This is most likely to appeal to the young consumer.
c. Everything is out in the open to see. Nothing is hidden.
d. Shiny floor.. always good.
e. Bright, flashy, beer and liquor signs. Neon signs draw the young customers in. Even if you have a short attention span, you can't help but notice them.
f. The cashier area is right at the front, with helpful people at the ready.

3. They want to project an exciting, convenient liquor store that appeals to the young consumer. They do this very effectively with bright signs and a funny name. Ask any K student about Munchie mart and they'll have no complaints.

4. People tend to go into Munchie Mart with a purpose. However, almost everyone gets distracted by flashy advertisements and ends up buying more than they intended.

5. I find it hilarious that all a liquor store needs to do to attract young consumers is to play off of their short attention spans. Most people walk in to Munchie Mart, mesmerized by overwhelmingly bright, neon signs and flashy adverstisements.

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